Car Accident

Car Accident

We at Ali Law Group represent people who have been injured in a motor vehicle crash as a result of individuals and/or companies who fall below the standards of care expected from a reasonable prudent driver and/or an employer. This is defined in the Texas legal system as Negligence. While driving on the public roads in Texas, drivers are expected to follow a reasonable driver standard, and when that driver falls below such standard, the driver has breached their duty owed to you. There are thousands of motor vehicle crashes every year in Texas.

The reasons for those crashes can range from driving while distracted, following too closely, failing to abide by traffic control signs, devices or road markings, failing to brake timely, failing to keep a proper lookout, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a substance that impairs one’s ability to safely drive a vehicle, and the list goes on. Distractions can be anything that averts the attention of a driver from the road and other drivers, which include, but are not limited to the use of a cellular phone, use of the radio, eating/drinking, applying makeup, etc. Some gross ways accidents occur are when a driver who has a duty to you drives while under the influence of alcohol or some mind-altering substance, speeds, drives while fatigued, texts and drives, etc. When we mention gross, we mean the driver who owed you a duty of reasonable care, did not care, and continued with his or her actions with a conscious disregard to your livelihood or well-being. Our firm focuses on holding people responsible for their negligence, and/or gross negligence in hopes to give back what was taken from our clients as a result of a motor vehicle collision.

Economic Damages are considered objective damages that can be calculated based on what has been incurred as a result of an accident. Some examples are below:


Medical Expenses

Individuals who have been injured by the negligence of others accrue substantial medical expenses by no fault of their own. We aid in the return of the outstanding medical expenses and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Lost Wages

When you lose income as a result of an auto accident, either to attend treatment or because of your inability to physically or mentally work, these lost amounts are recoverable in your injury claim.

Loss of Earning Capacity

Sometimes after an injury, a person may be unable to perform certain job duties that they had no problem doing until the accident. Loss of earning capacity are also damages you are able to claim in your injury claim.

Property Loss

The damage done to your vehicle or property as a result of the auto accident are recoverable in your accident claim up to the amount your property was valued the moment before the property was damaged.

Future Damages

Future damages are the un-incurred costs for treatment you need in order to get back to a position you would have been had the accident not occurred. The goal of every case we fight is to put our client back to their status quo. The status quo for a particular client is the pinpointed physical, emotional, and sometimes financial position they were in the moment before being involved in the auto accident. Sadly, an auto accident can forever alter a person’s life. Sleeping positions are forever changed, the way a person showers, the way they eat, the way they brush their teeth, the ability to pick up a child or to spend quality time with a loved one can be drastically altered by such an event. Many times, to get a person back to their status quo will never be met. Other times, a person will be fully recovered from the treatment they undergo. To some, the treatment process is perpetual. Thus, future damages are an essential damage claim to account for what has not been incurred as of yet, but what will eventually need to be incurred to get you back to your status quo. Future pain and suffering, future lost wages and loss of earning capacity also fall within the future damage category.

Non-Economic Damages are damages that are subjective in nature and can be calculated differently depending on the county your case is situated in. Some examples of non-economic damages are listed below.


Emotional Distress

The negative emotional reaction to an event which resulted from an accident caused as a result of another’s negligence. If you were involved in an auto accident or a catastrophic event, such event could cause mental trauma which could last a life time. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, panic attacks, insomnia and depression are just some examples of emotional distress which are recoverable in your injury claim.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages are the painful experience that injured persons have to endure following physical pain or emotional distress received from an auto accident. Because there is no clear way to resolve pain and suffering damages, some courts have calculated pain and suffering damages by the daily suffering evaluation from the injures one receives from an accident. Most courts, however, calculate pain and suffering based on a severity number (1, which is the least severe pain one endures through 5, the most severe pain one endures) and multiplies the claimant’s total economic losses by the severity number. Often times, these systems that are put in place prejudice a claimant from recovery from the pain they endure.

Statute of Limitations:

If you have been injured in a car accident, Texas law holds a 2-year limitations period to either resolve your claim or file suit for preservation of your claim if you are still treating. It is important you hire a lawyer who has the capability of properly preserving your claim after being injured from an auto accident.

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